Thursday, December 13, 2007

Here's an interesting concept I discovered via this article on The CBS News Website:

I've seen this type of program before where it gives potential readers a choice of books to peruse. I want to try and find one that lets you choose the type of books you want to display that are within your genre. But the real reason behind this post is the article itself -- are book tours obsolete? Passe? I believe there's still some life in them, however, the Internet has always opened up a new world of possibilities. You can reach a much broader audience (YouTube, Google, Amazon) then you can in book tours and with more services making it simpler to reach your target audience it gives you greater opportunity for sales.

I for one plan on using the net to the fullest when the time comes -- and I'm determined that it will. Within the next few days I'll post some links to author sites that utilize streaming video to advertise their books as well as doing a little bit of research and presenting ways for authors to promote on the net -- for those of you who don't already have the market locked up tight!

Okay, back to writing now. I'll be posting another excerpt soon...


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