Thursday, April 17, 2008


Good news! The Writer's Block has been successfully smashed and I plan on taking this whole weekend to work on both WIP's. Coming up to the big love scene.

Also I have been informed that another story has been accepted by Clean Sheets Magazine! My story, Hunger, is a companion piece to my first story Older and Wiser. I'll let everyone know when it's due to go up. WooHoo!

Here's a video that I thought may be interesting to my fellow writers out there.

This of course got me wondering about book cover artists and who was out there and considered the best, so when I take a break from writing this weekend I'll look into it a bit. Of course if any book cover artists would like to pop by and leave a comment feel free!

Look to the side for CJ's Shared Items and see feeds and podcasts about subjects that hold my interest and perhaps yours as well. There's a podcast from the editors at eHarlequin concerning the best way to submit for their Blaze line. Fascinating. Clicking on the link will activate your player.

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