Saturday, June 21, 2008

Another WIP Excerpt

Since there isn't much going on tonight or lately for that matter -- and my muse has suddenly decided to take a holiday here's another excerpt from Silver Thorn. Vanlyn has a spell on him that keeps him from leaving the house where he is being held captive. He has attempted to reverse the spell and turn it back on Dane. Unfortunately, Dane blocked Vanlyn's efforts and the spell was thrown back on Vanlyn in greater force. This placed Vanlyn in considerable pain. Afterwards, Vanlyn gets some TLC from Dane.

The following excerpt contains adult content. So hit the back button if your under-age. But then again, what are you doing here in the first place?


Vanlyn came awake from woven dreams that had him involved in erotic play that he would never even consider in his waking life. He was uncomfortably hard but refused to see to the matter. He lay there with one arm flung across his face.

After a time his mind drifted which was dangerous inasmuch as it drifted to Dane and what they had done. Whenever he tried to banish the images they would return in greater force. Gods and fiends the feel of Dane’s mouth on him was like being wrapped in warm silk. And the sense of Dane’s fingers stretching him – stroking that – something within him had him moaning like a back-alley whore. Vanlyn was aware of that something through his studies. Similar to the place in a woman, it was supposed to bring far greater pleasure when touched.

Vanlyn hadn’t felt such pleasure since--,

No, he wouldn’t return there. To that place that was shrouded in dark memories.
He needed to focus on what he was going to do. He wasn’t about to try and break the geas again. Vanlyn couldn’t remember being in that much pain. He’d once fallen from his horse at a canter. Until the moment the spell was thrown back at him he realized he didn’t know what true pain was.

And then Dane had cared for him.

There were times when Vanlyn didn’t understand Dane at all. He could be incredibly gentle and tender and just as quickly passionate and fierce. After Dane had massaged his aches away he’d lain next to him and cradled his bruised body. Vanlyn couldn’t find the words to thank him, so he’d grasped his hand instead. He’d felt safe for a time until it came to him that it was all a lie.

Yet he yearned for that feeling of security again.

Vanlyn blew out a frustrated breath and turned on his side only to come face to face with the open box containing the remaining phallic rods. The empty jar lay overturned on the sheets.

“Damn it,” Vanlyn muttered as he turned away. He realized he was feeling quite soiled not to mention hungry. A glance to his right and he saw the tray on the floor but the sandwiches which had been sitting since midnight no longer looked appetizing. He wanted a bath and a hot meal but he was too embarrassed to leave the room.

Eventually the discomfort was too much. Vanlyn swung his legs over the side of the bed and sat, unmoving. His eyes strayed to the box. There was another device within it besides the phallic rods specifically for cleanliness afterwards. He was loathe to use it but –

With a sigh borne of frustration, Vanlyn grabbed the box, replaced the rods and tossed the jar into the wastebasket. One of the robes was belted tightly around his waist.

Vanlyn left the room, his stride purposeful. Surprisingly he didn’t notice anyone around. There wasn’t even that sense of the bogies moving about near him. It was as though he were truly alone in the manor.

The kitchen was empty as well although a meal had been put on. Upon lifting the lid of one of the larger pots he found a creamy fish stew. He procured a bowl, ladled himself a generous helping and grabbed a small loaf of bread to go along with it. He got himself another tray (realizing belatedly that he’d left the first one upstairs) and made for the back stairs.

Once within the cavern he set everything down and slipped out of the robe.

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