Monday, January 12, 2009


Hello everyone!

Okay, it’s time for your favorite show, Good News, Bad News…


I FINALLY FINISHED SILVER THORN, BLOODY ROSE. BOOYAH AND WOOHOO!!! I shall now do a happy dance. After struggling through the whole thing for many a year, I finally wrote that all important last sentence. My original fiction novel of M/M erotic fantasy is complete! It was a long and arduous process but I am content with what I have done and I know it was worth it. Hmm…this deserves chocolate!

So now, I’m going to take a break before starting the edits and there are some original short stories I want to do and send out. And soon I will be making a request for a beta reader (insert obvious hint here).

The BAD NEWS is:

My story Rain Play DIDN’T win the weekly contest at! I am very disappointed of course but as before I appreciate your votes.


Since Trade DID win, I am off to the semi-finals of the contest (yes I know I said finals before, my bad), once the weekly voting is done. A community vote will be held where three winners will be chosen and from there the judges will decide on the Grand Prize winner. Also, I’m going to see if I can send Rain Play out to a viable market.

Also, I FINALLY bought an X-Box! It was a close race on e-bay but I rose triumphant as the high bidder.

With it I purchased a nice copy of Culdcept Saga. Now all I need to do is choose an X-Box User Tag. I was thinking of Nightshade. What do you think?

The BAD NEWS is:

I haven’t received the X-Box or the game yet!

And finally—


I’m home early and relaxed, even though Stuart Little decided to hide out in my laundry room. Now I’m going to get that chocolate. More later…


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