Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

A beautiful Memorial Day morning. Worked in the garden some more and still dealing with the bees. Below is a little paragraph I wrote last year about my grandfather who was a veteran of both WWII and Korea. Thought it bared repeating.

We should take a moment, of course, to honor those who risked and gave their lives so we could have this nice day.

My grandfather fought in two wars. He was respected in our family and taught me a lot. True we had our differences and arguments when I got older but that was normal. I think he and I would have clashed mightily on many a topic if he were alive today. He was very old school-woman's place is in the home-male. I can predict his reaction to the letter about a woman running for president and his granddaughter writing yaoi for that matter. Still the respect is there.

We should all take the time today to remember that loved one who took on the ultimate challenge and perhaps made the ultimate sacrifice..

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