Monday, August 10, 2009

Paint is Available!

Booyah! I’ve got some exciting news everyone! If you’ll recall, my erotic short story Paint was accepted by Excessica Publishing. Well I’m pleased to announce that Paint is now available for purchase! Scroll down and click the links. Paint is available in several formats.

So, please make haste to the Excessica website to purchase Paint and by all means, let me know what you thought of it. You can leave comments on the Excessica site or right here at my blog. I’ll have additional information and more places to purchase Paint in the near future.

Thank you very much to Ms. Selena Kitt and Excessica Publishing!

Title: Paint
Author: CJ Black
Genre: Erotic Fantasy
Price: $1.99
Publisher: Excessica Publishing
Cover Art: Valerie Tibbs

Check out the information and excerpt below:

In a land of magic and intrigue, trust is not something given lightly.

With the death of her husband, warrior Elani is shattered, left empty and devoid of her heart until a chance meeting gives her the opportunity to feel again.

Prince Sadir is a sorcerer practicing the art of seduction, his power hidden within a deft touch and the swift stroke of a brush. He sees Elani’s pain and the emptiness inside of her and offers her a gift.

Accepting Sadir’s enigmatic invitation, Elani travels to his exotic land and surrenders herself into his hands and to his magic. Branding her body and soul with his passion, Sadir paints a portrait of what Elani has become and draws her out of that dark world with his care.

He was waiting for me. He stood with his back against one of the windows. The evening sun formed a halo around his body. He wore nothing but a loose-fitting black silk robe. I was allowed just a glimpse of the many tattoos.

“You must be tired from your long journey,” he said. “Do you wish to refresh yourself?”

I nodded unable to speak.

“In the next room you will find a bath has been drawn for you.”

I didn’t respond as I left. As Sadir said there was a bath in the next room steaming and filled with scented bubbles. I stripped down immediately and climbed in. I thought for a moment that Sadir would join me but he allowed me my privacy. I had a feeling there were better things to come.

When I finished I dried myself with a warm soft towel available. A robe similar to Sadir’s was left for me. I slipped into it and made my way back to the circular room.

Sadir was kneeling on one of the body pillows placed underneath the statue. He was in the process of opening a carved wood box. He smiled we he noticed me, “Much better I daresay?”

“Much better,” my curiosity got the better of me and I took a peek into the box. He didn’t stop me. Inside were several bottles sealed with cork, brushes of varying shapes and lengths as well as - well I’m certainly not a prude but the polished wood phallic rods were a complete surprise.

Before I could ask what it was all for he said, “Please join me.”

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