Saturday, October 3, 2009

Writing News

Again, my apologies for not updating recently. I’ve been working a lot lately, extra hours at the night job. Also for the past couple of days I’ve been fighting a bad cold. I have my chicken noodle soup, OJ, Celestial Seasonings Tea and a few days off. I thought I’d get this taken care of before settling down for a long Sunday’s nap. So let’s start with some news.

The 6th Annual Erotic Fiction Contest will be officially underway on Monday, October 5th for 2009/2010 with 13 weeks of voting. I’ve submitted three stories, and because I was a previous winner, I already have a slot waiting. Here’s hoping one or more of the stories I submitted also makes the cut. Like last year, stories will be presented on a weekly basis to be voted on. My story Trade was the Week 9 winner. If you liked Trade, check out my other works when the time comes. Don’t worry, I’ll constantly let you know when my stories are up and when you can vote. You will vote, I hope! ;-)

Also concerning, they recently posted about an In-House Erotic Writer Position that I recently applied for. I’m eager to find out if I’ll be awarded the position but understandably nervous. It’s all good though as I feel this will be a fantastic challenge to my writing ability and I'm looking forward to getting started! Wish me luck!

Circumstances made me set aside Silver Thorn, Bloody Rose for awhile. It still needs some tweaking and I want to be certain it’s as perfect as it can be before I send it off. I have excerpts in past posts if you’d like to read them and as always, your opinions are welcome. Think you might want to exchange a beta reading? Drop me an e-mail.

My erotic short story Paint is still available for purchase. Scroll down to the previous posting for more information and an excerpt. I’d appreciate any comments from my readers. FYI, here’s the pertinent info once again:

Title: Paint
Author: CJ Black
Purchase URL:
Genre: Erotic Fantasy Fiction M/F
Price: $1.99
Heat Level: eXcess 2
Publisher: Excessica Publishing
Cover Art: Valerie Tibbs
Format: E-book

I just recently finished final edits on my M/M erotic short, What You See and turned them into my publisher (I love the sound of that) Noble Romance and soon I should have some nice cover art. I’m going to see if it’s all right to give you a little sneak peak.

I also finished my newest erotic fantasy M/M story, untitled at the moment and doing some final tweaking. I’m trying to come up with a contest where I’ll award prizes for whoever can come up with a title although I’m not sure how I’ll set the contest up. Suggestions?

I’ve got a lot more blogs and lists to check up on and update. I’m also interested in hearing from my fellow writers about promotion. I’ve asked this before but I’d like to know what works best for you? I’m in many groups and have joined a few organizations and sites but I’m not seeing any feedback so far in the form of say comments for example. I tend not to post much in groups because I’m very introverted although I’m working on it. So feel free make suggestions. Yes, I know, updating my blog more is probably a big step!

Okay, that’s it’s for now. Going to watch one more episode of Law & Order: SVU via Netflix then I’m going to settle down for that nap. Peace!


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