Sunday, November 22, 2009


Well I’ve finally done it. Silver Thorn, now re-titled, Illusion of Night is making the rounds. This is the first full-length novel manuscript I’ve written and finished in a little while and I hope no one minds me saying, I’m proud of the accomplishment.

I’ll give progress reports as my baby makes her journey and with a little luck and perseverance, the news I receive will be good.

For anyone who has visited my sites and blogs before, you’ll notice I’ve said I’m trying to get my groove back. Well to make a very long story short my writing has been a struggle of hard work and at times disappointments. So Illusion of Night is an example of the culmination of that work.

So the wait begins. And of course I’ll do what any writer would do when waiting to hear about a submission, I’m going to work on the next project. And maybe I’ll have some other news to impart as well.

We’re on Week 7 at the Erotic Fiction Contest. Just 6 weeks left until semi-final voting. A Little Knowledge will be available for your consideration. Reminders will follow!

So tell me, how did you feel and what did you do the first time you sent out that full-length novel manuscript? And what, if anything, do you do while you're waiting?


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