Thursday, November 26, 2009

My Interview at Author Offerings & Other Things

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! The pork roast is in the oven and it already smells wonderful. I had to get breakfast because the scents alone were making me hungry. I'm trying not to eat anything else because I want to have a big appetite for when the time comes.

But I have some good news! I’ve been interviewed at Author Offerings by the fabulous Rie McGaha. Head on over to her blog and have a look and feel free to comment. I want to thank Rie for the opportunity and express my appreciation.

I’ve received confirmation that Illusion of Night (formerly Silver Thorn, Bloody Rose) was received and being reviewed, despite Yahoo Mail’s acting up that night. Sigh – it is the waiting that drives us crazy. I have two other stories making the rounds and a few more weeks left until the semi-finals on the contest. And still I’m surprisingly calm. Couldn’t tell you why though.

Hope the food is good and the fun abounds today. I’ll see you all in a bit.


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