Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year! A Look Ahead...

So another year has come to an end. I can’t say it was the best for me but it was definitely better than most. It was certainly better more towards the end that’s for certain.

Many people are making New Years Resolutions and I’ve seen a fellow writer making Writing Resolutions. I haven’t done NYR’s in years because life has a way of making it impossible for me to keep them no matter how well intentioned I am.

Some of you may know I work two jobs and most of the time I’m too exhausted to do much of anything else but sleep. Writing often takes a backseat to the jobs or bill paying or errand running. I do want to quit the second job sometime in 2010 but I won’t make it a resolution because my doing so depends entirely on the economy and how things go financially. See what I mean?

Right now, I already have a few irons in the fire and I’m waiting to hear on some submissions, I’ve made but this is about what’s going to happen in 2010

If you’ve had a look at my site, you’ll see the WIP’s I currently have going. I’m working on the fantasy erotic novella starring my newest lovers, Trevant and Ransom as well as getting started on another contemporary m/m. There is also an idea in the works that I was doing some research on, a contemporary m/m vampire story, except I didn’t want to use vampires. I think I’ve found another way to do it but I’m still fleshing out the characters. So far only one is named – Edwin, the other I’ve been calling Dante – yes, I know, I’m changing it, I promise. I also have ideas for at least three other novellas in the same world as Illusion of Night.

So you’re perhaps, thinking, okay she has plans but will she do?

Well I’m going to try my best to get all of these ideas down on paper or on the PC more accurately before the year is out. And again this depends on how things go. For me the first three months of the New Year usually sets the stage for how the rest of the year will be. I couldn’t tell you why it happens that way.

For tonight however, I have to be at work but I’ll probably be out before the big moment in time at least I hope I am. Again it depends on how the night goes. I said earlier I have the champagne chilling and I’m ready to spend a nice quite evening at home and an even nicer day off tomorrow. Here’s my wish to everyone to enjoy your New Year and be safe. Peace.

Okay, so if I have to make a list of my own writing resolutions here they are:

1. Finish the novella ideas within the next three to six months. It used to only take me about one to three months to finish anything. I need to get back into that.
2. Reestablish my writing routine. Once upon a time, I had a routine set up that enabled me to finish anything within one to three months. I would get up an hour early, write for that one hour, and go to work, come home from work, and write exactly four to five hours each night. But life made it a lot harder to do.
3. Start participating more in blogs, message boards and groups. I’m an introvert by nature and usually just listen. I want to change that.
4. Start my own podcast. I’ve been trying to do this for awhile but circumstances have made it difficult to get started.
5. Promote more and not be nervous about sending out my work to be reviewed. I also want to tweak and streamline the look of my site and see if I can finally find out how to tweak my Blogger blog because for some reason their system will not accept regular HTML. Does anyone know how it’s done?

Happy New Year, everyone!

CJ Black

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Julia Barrett said...

Good luck. I never make New Year's resolutions - impossible to keep! I have New Year's hopes - I hope this year will launch the career I want - writing! I wish you the best.