Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Working hard on the current WIP starring Trevant and Ransom (see my WIP page on the site for more details) and am up to about 13,000 words.

And more news! Have a request for a rewrite and second look for the partial sent on Illusion of Night! WooHoo! So Trevant and Ransom are going to take a bit of a long weekend while I work on that.

So once again I’m looking for a critique partner to help me whip Illusion of Night into even better shape! And of course, I’ll return the favor by critiquing whatever WIP you have on your plate so drop me a line or ping me on Twitter, Facebook or the usual places for writers online. Chances are I’m there!

The contest is rolling along to the semi-finals which will be February 1st officially. I’ll be sending out notices for you to vote for my story A Little Knowledge.

Have to get ready for work now. Peace!


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Julia Barrett said...

You go, girl! Good for you! and no, I would never presume to critique anyone's work, except my husband's!