Friday, April 23, 2010

Illusion of Night News Part 3 - And Cover Artist!

Taking a much-deserved break from writing this weekend! As posted on Twitter and Facebook, I completed the first round edits for Illusion of Night and sent them back to my editor. What a job! This is a shout-out to Devin Govaere for all your hard work and assistance!

And more fantastic news! I was recently advised of my cover artist! It came as quite a surprise for when I received the e-mail they used the first name of said artist (who normally uses initials) so it didn’t quite click with me who it was at first. So I’m scrolling down the e-mail thinking, “Hmm…I wonder who this is—hello!”

Lo and behold, turns out to be one of my favorite artists, P.L. Nunn! Insert picture of jaw hitting floor here. I’ve always enjoyed Ms. Nunn’s work. Also, she’s apparently a fan of Sanami Matoh’s, Fake which is always a plus in my book. So drop by her site and check out her work! I’ve had a glimpse of a rough sketch and I’m liking it already. You can also see other examples of cover art she's done here. Can’t wait! Thanks Ms. Nunn!

If you haven’t seen it already, I’m a Featured Writer for April over at The Romance Studio. Check out information about my latest short Fire and Fate as well as an interview!

So I’ll be just hanging out this weekend off and online if anyone wants to chat but digging into the stories again on Monday night. So feel free to give me a ring!

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