Friday, April 9, 2010

Research Questions

Hello everyone! I have a couple of research questions for my fellow paranormal writers -- how old is or what era was your supernatural character "born" or created? Why did you choose that era? You can supply the info for whatever character you want. I'm asking because I may make some changes to the history of my character in my paranormal WIP. I didn't want him so old that the reader would not be able to suspend their disbelief. Any comments will be appreciated. Thanks.


Casey Sheridan said...

Hi CJ!
My hero, Blake, is about 36-38 years old. It's a contemporary story and he's only been a shifter for a few years.

I hope this helps you!

Good luck with your WIP

CJ Black said...

Thanks! Appreciate the info.

Scarlet Hyacinth said...

Mmmm... I made my vampire 800 years old and my werewolves something like 30-40, although I never mentioned the actual age. I say you have the freedom to do whatever you like to it - if you want to make him as old as dirt, do so. After all, sometimes it's necessary. :D

CJ Black said...

Thanks Scarlet! I had Demetrius being "born" in ancient Egypt. But I thought is that pushing it a little? Also would any being natural or supernatural be able to last that long without serious incapacitating injury? I'll probably follow your lead and make him several hundred years instead. :-)