Monday, May 31, 2010

Illusion of Night - Final Editing

I hope everyone has taken a moment this Memorial Day to honor those who fight and have fought for our country. I’ve mentioned before that my grandfather was a veteran and I’m glad for the things he taught me.

Earlier today, I announced on Facebook that I received the copy of Illusion of Night that needed the final line edits. Well I’m pleased to say I finished (although it took me all day but it’s all good) and I’m about to send it off. So this is it people. I’ll keep you posted. I did want to go out and fire up the grill to celebrate but unfortunately, it looks like a thunderstorm is brewing. It’s just cloudy right now but you now that scent that gets into the air when you know it’s going to storm soon? Oh well, there’s always the George Forman Grill.

I’m going to have a contest in the near future for naming my two current WIP’s. Stay tuned.



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