Saturday, May 15, 2010

Illusion of Night News Part 4 - CROSS POSTED FROM SITE

Can I get another BOOYAH? Have you seen the new look of my site yet? You won't believe all the templates and layouts I went through when I finally settled on something classic. After this, I'm going to treat myself with some chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream.

And now for the big news. This is the official unveiling of the cover art for my novel, Illusion of Night! I mentioned on FB and Twitter that I had approved it a little bit ago but circumstances have kept me off the net for a bit, namely I've been engaged in home improvement projects which still haven't been finished. Ah well -- I wanted a house!

But back to the subject! Isn't this cover fantastic?! I'm truly loving it! How much do you ask? It's my current desktop background! It's the first thing I see when I boot up the PC in the morning. My thanks again to the wonderfully talented PL Nunn for doing such excellent work.

In other news, I'm going to be sending out Diamond in the Rough, my m/m/m short story. Wish me luck!

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