Saturday, June 5, 2010


Wonderful news, everyone! I just received the release date for Illusion of Night, June 21, 2010. It's been a long and hard road but I believe it was well worth it. I'm very happy with the results of the fruits of my labor. I also want to take the time to thank everyone involved in the publication of Illusion of Night, including my publisher Liquid Silver Books, the editors, my copy editor and my cover artist, PL Nunn. I appreciate all of your hard work and the assistance I received, and especially thank you for your patience.

Now I need the assistance of my fellow authors. I would love some suggestions on how you celebrate a release date. I've noticed some authors do contests, while others do chats.

So feel free to drop me a line comment on my blog, or hit me on Facebook or Twitter. Your opinions will be greatly appreciated. I will be online off and on all day.

I won't be taking any breaks, however. I'm still working on my current works in progress, including my paranormal contemporary and my fantasy erotic novel set in the same universe as Illusion of Night. I'm hoping to finish both soon and I have some additional help in the form of Dragon Naturally Speaking, which so far I am really enjoying using, although it takes some getting used to. It does help me get things on paper just a little faster, although some of the words it chooses (when it doesn't understand me) tend to be a little unusual.

So as usual, I'll keep everybody updated if anything new develops. In the meantime, I'm off to enjoy my free Saturday, (which seldom happens) and I hope you all enjoy yours as well.



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