Sunday, June 27, 2010

Contest #3 ~ Celebrating the release of Illusion of Night!

New Contest! Want another chance to win a free copy of Illusion of Night? Enter my “Name the WIP Contest.” Below is an excerpt from my current WIP, my male/male paranormal contemporary. Funny thing, I just can’t think of a title! So I need your help. Read the excerpt then post your title ideas here. I’ll choose the winner and your free copy will be on its way! But don’t delay, this contest will run from today, Sunday 6/27/10 until 12 am EST on Sunday on 7/4/10.  BTW if you win a previous contest, please give others a chance to win.  Thanks.

WIP Chapter Excerpt, male/male contemporary paranormal:

Myles climbed the stairs to his apartment. Business had been picking up lately, since Mother's Day was approaching. Despite this, it wasn't a good time for Myles. It always served to remind him how much he missed his parents. It was five years since the accident. Yet still the pain was as fresh as it had been on that day.

Myles started his nightly routine of setting the alarm and then heading to the kitchen to pour himself a glass of wine. Usually, Myles would take the time before bed to get some paperwork done. But tonight he felt inordinately tired. All he wanted to do was take a nice hot shower and then crawl between the sheets as quickly as possible.

The relative peace and quiet caused Myles's mind to return to the incident earlier in the day. He felt the presence entering his office. He didn't pay much attention at first, until the presence approached him and seemed to reach out with an invisible and tentative hand to touch them. Myles did not like to be touched that way. Many years ago, another being with power tried to manipulate Myles to his own ends. He could barely fight off the advances, and it taken help from his sister in order to keep the man at bay.

Lila had taken many years to develop her power, fine-tuning is like a classic car. Myles on the other hand, looked upon his power as somewhat of a curse. It had brought him nothing but trouble throughout the years, and he felt he could well do without it. But it was here and it was a part of the him, nothing would ever change that.

Myles carried his wine glass into the bedroom and set it on the nightstand. Then he went to the bathroom undressing as he did so. He turned on the shower getting it to the temperature he wanted, and found himself simply standing there watching the spray of water falling in glistening droplets to the shower floor to then disappear down the drain.

He knew the visitor was, of course, Demetrius Jordan. Myles had recognized that unmistakable scent. Like the humid air, just as a summer storm was breaking, with the electrical tang before lightning struck.

His thoughts were going down a dangerous path, now. Myles thought it was best to take his shower, and go to bed. He stepped into the warming spray, enjoying the feel of it across his aching muscles.

Despite his best intentions, Myles found his thoughts once again straying to Demetrius Jordan. He had intended to call Jordan to let him know how upset he was over the incident that occurred earlier and demand an apology.

So why was he hesitating?

Myles breathed another sigh born of frustration and turned the shower off in an abrupt motion. He stepped from within the stall, grabbed one of the large fluffy towels, and took a few moments to dry himself before wrapping it around his torso. He returned to his bedroom, leaving his clothes where they were. Once there, Myles sat down on the bed and took a fortifying sip of the wine, actually several sips. He leaned back and sprawled himself across the bed and looked up at the ceiling letting another sigh escape him.

"So what, Myles, are you going to just let him get away with it?" Myles closed his eyes and immediately attempted to shut out the images of his time with Jordan. He found himself failing miserably. Myles pulled off the towel, tossed it across the room, and reached over and turned out the light on his nightstand. There he lay in the darkness continuing to stare at the ceiling and the patterns caused by the streetlights.

Myles knew that he was falling asleep. His insight allowed him to be mildly aware of everything going on around him. Because of that, Myles was able to sense the presence as it entered his room.

Myles was fully aware of it and how it waited expectantly by his bedroom door. He continued to lay still, his insight surrounding him in a protective aura while reaching out tentative fingers trying to ascertain what his unseen visitor plan to do.

Myles thought he should be afraid, but it wasn't. He knew who it was. He should tell him to go away but he couldn't. There was something that Myles couldn't fathom, a hold the presence seemed to have over him. It wasn’t like with his previous attacker. There was no onslaught of violent energy, wanting to entrap him.

After a time, the presence moved towards him. More accurately, it surrounded him, filling the room with electrical current. It moved across his skin in a caress, raising bumps along its surface.

Myles made what he knew to be a futile attempt to push the presence away and which it ignored. It settled over Myles and joined with the power of Myles's own insight, petting and caressing like two lovers exploring each other's bodies for the first time.


spelaea said...

... don't know why but I kind of have been intrigued by the elemend of "time" while reading the WIP. I mean like feeling a kind of link between past-present-future so guess I had foccused myself on that for a title (and while doing research) so the thing that came close to what I had felt and the meaning was

"Arrow of Time"
( )

Chris R said...

How about Power Untested .