Monday, June 21, 2010


According to the Liquid Silver Books site, new releases will be by 7:00 pm EST, however, I will keep constant watch on the site today. Not only do I have the whole day off, but since it’s topping the 90’s I’d much rather stay in my nice air-conditioned home.

Here is the schedule I have set up so far for the release:

• 6/21/10 – Trivia Contest. Answer questions to win CASH PRIZES!

• 6/21/10 -- Comment contest for most recent site post titled, 6/21/10 -- “What’s In It For You? Win a free copy of Illusion of Night.

• 6/21/10 -- “I NEED MY SPACE” Contest for some free advertising!

• 6/22/10 -- “Name the WIP” Contest. Another chance to win a free copy of ION.

• Offers of interviews or guest blogging. I’ll have an interview later in the week and an article on a subject that should get much discussion!

In lieu of the chats, I’ll be on IM instead. It will state busy, but if you feel like chatting for a bit feel free to buzz me. Peace!

CJ Black

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