Sunday, July 25, 2010

News and "Name the WIP Contest" Winner!!

And now, the winner of my “Name the WIP Contest”! Let’s give a hearty congratulations to author Virginia Cavanaugh! Her title submission: The Power that Binds! Cool title, don’t you think? Virginia, you’ve won a free copy of Illusion of Night! Enjoy! Virginia is the author of Secrets of Night. Hmm…Secrets of Night – Illusion of Night? Virginia, do you think there’s some cosmic connection here?

Reminder: My other two contests are still going on. Wouldn’t you like some free advertising or cash? I mean, who of us couldn’t use either?

With a 103 heat index due for today, I’ll be inside, in front of the PC hoping to get some writing done or at least more promotion for Illusion. Trying to think of as many ideas as possible. Any suggestions besides the norm, anyone?

I recently updated the music on my book trailer video for ION. I had to re-upload it in some places so any comments made were more than likely lost, sorry. Anyway, let me know if you like the new music. I composed it myself using Magix Music Maker 16. There’s a lot to this program to learn and I like it so far. Glad I treated myself.

Here’s the updated trailer:



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