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Guest Blogger - David Fingerman - Author of Silent Kill

Hello everyone! I’m excited to announce my second guest blogger courtesy of the Virtual Blog Tour Café! Please allow me to introduce David Fingerman, author of Silent Kill. Welcome David, and thanks for visiting Black Satin!

First a little about David:

As a student at the University of Minnesota, David Fingerman realized that if he switched his major from journalism to speech, he could graduate that quarter.  It was a no-brainer. 
He worked in the court system of Hennepin County for over twenty years. In 2006 he left the court system to do what he loves to do – write. He has published a number of stories in magazines and anthologies, and published a book of speculative fiction short stories, "Edging Past Reality." "Silent Kill" is his first novel.

David is married and presently lives in Minneapolis.

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David is here today to discuss a topic that is constantly on every writer’s mind, at least it’s constantly on MY mind – Marketing.


I feel I've come a long way in a relatively short period of time. My first novel, "Silent Kill" has just been released this summer. Prior to that I had a book of short stories "Edging Past Reality" released last year. The one big thing I've discovered is that writing (and the going through hell called editing) is the easy part compared to marketing.

There are two basic types of marketing, online and off. For me, being an introvert to the extreme, I thought getting out into the real world prove to be much more difficult. Oh, how wrong I was. Yeah, I had to suck it up and go out of my comfort zone, walking into bookstores and hyping myself and my book. I set up readings, signed up for book fairs, and even did a couple of speaking gigs. As uncomfortable as that was (and still is to a point) I kind of knew what I was doing.

As for the online stuff? Great! I'm in the comfort of my own home and don't have to deal with anyone face-to-face. The problem is I knew absolutely nothing. I was told I had to be on MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter. I'm now on MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, and bunches of other writing sites. Plus, there are a great number of people like CJ who are kind enough to let us writers take up space on their blog. But even though I'm sitting comfortably in my office, I've opened myself up a lot more online than I ever did at a signing.

For a brief moment I was smug enough to think that I really made a dent in online marketing. Reality check. I hadn't even scratched the surface. With all the new ideas (well, new for me, speaking of which, check out my new book trailer for "Silent Kill" at being thrown in my direction . I'm guessing I'll be curled up under my desk and in the fetal position by December.

On the serious side for a moment, unfortunately, one of the drawbacks of all this marketing is the writing itself. I haven’t done much of it in the last couple of months. I have a paved road of good intentions, but it seems like whenever I start getting back to the present novel I'm working on, I’ll come up with more ideas and more research that I want to know about on how to market. (The internet is a miracle and a curse in that regard.) It’s easy to say that I’ll deal with it later, but the mind is already racing and I can’t concentrate on plot. Soon my characters are on the computer reading bloggers. Fun for them, not so much for the reader. So for all of you writers out there who have been in this predicament, please let me know how you deal.

Thank you so much for your insight, David! And I’m happy to help my fellow writers! Feel free to request a guest blogging anytime! My fellow readers and writers, be sure to check out David’s novel Silent Kill. It’s definitely going on my TBR list!

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