Sunday, October 3, 2010


Hi everyone!  This is the first time I've been able to get online since last Tuesday.  I'm sitting in my local library right now and am very glad I was able to access my blog from here.  I have  some very important information.  This past Tuesday the hard-drive on my Dell pretty much burned up.  Just like that, I turned my PC on, went downstairs to make dinner and when I came back up there it was -- the dreaded blue screen.  Needless to say I was highly pissed and even more so after I rebooted and found that my 4600 was no more and that it had taken EVERYTHING -- all my data, including WIP's, short stories, and movies with it.  This includes everything of my current WIP, Blade and Thorn.

Unfortunately for me, I didn't learn my lesson from last time this happened and procrastinated on backing up.  Yes, I'm kicking myself for this.  But do we really expect things like this to happen?  OK, no excuses. Now there's nothing to be done but to try and salvage this situation.

There is a company I used before that managed to retrieve a lot of my work from the last exploded hard drive so I'll be using their services again.  Wish me luck and hope that 20+ k words and everything else aren't totally lost. In the meantime, I am without a PC at home and therefore I have no access to the net.  I can only come to the library every so often and then I'm only allowed three hours online so I'm going to be pretty much cut off until I can purchase a new PC which won't be for awhile, I'm afraid. And it won't be a Dell, by the way.

I know I have some commitments coming up, such as participation in the Halloween Blog Hop through Liquid Silver Books and with the little bit of time I have online today, I'm going to try and put up the next guest blogger information for tomorrow.  I deeply apologize if this causes any inconvenience.  I'm going to post this in as many places as the library will allow me to access today.  And trust me, it's hard to access my usual sites considering what I usually have on them!  I should still be able to do the blog hop but I may have to put up things a little early.

If you need or want to contact me please be advised it may be several days before I can check my e-mail, so please don't think I'm ignoring you.  All I ask for is your patience.  The moment I have a new PC I'll be back in action.  In the meantime, I know where I pretty much left off in my works so I'm going to use my newly purchased USB drive and keep on writing at the library and barring that, I'll do it the old fashioned way.

I'll make updates as I can.  Peace.

CJ Black

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