Saturday, October 30, 2010

Welcome! LSB Halloween Blog Tour!

Well you know the old saying, better late than never! Welcome to my blog Black Satin via the Liquid Silver Books Halloween Blog Hop! If this is your first time to my blog, feel free to look around! If you’ll notice the most recent post, I have been offline for about a month now because my hard drive blew up and am just now getting back on the net. I wanted to at least try and get on the hop so here I am!

Who doesn’t like Halloween? That time of year when you can dress up as anything and anyone you want to be and participate in some basic silliness. And of course, must we forget….CANDY! Perhaps some of are now participating in a different way (parents taking their kids on their first run) or those of us who like to help holiday along so the kids can have as much fun as you did as a child.

And Halloween is also the time for those scary monsters – or better yet, the sexy ones! Who of use haven’t thought about an encounter with a dark and brooding vampire? Or a muscular shape-shifting werewolf? Perhaps a fiery eyed demon is more your thing? And hey, if you’ll pardon some shameless self-promotion, I think fiends would make a wonderful addition to the repertoire!

Either way Halloween is a night for fun and fantasy. So everyone enjoy it!

Now I’m sure you’re familiar with the rules of the hop. Comments can earn you some nice prizes so, here’s what you’ll get from me! In my next published novel, a character will be named after you! Cool, huh? And as an extra added bonus, you get to choose – good guy or bad guy?

And here’s something to sweeten the deal. Are you dressing up for Halloween? Cool! Send me a pic to place on my blog. I’ll pick a costume and that person will have a choice of one of my backlist!

Happy Halloween everyone!



lastnerve said...

Very cool prizes! I hope you have a Happy Halloween!


Terra Pennington said...

LOL I need to go check out Fire and Fate looks like a good book to read on a cold winter night.

Frostedbetty said...

Cool contest!!

sonya said...

very nice prizes

Beth said...

Nice prizes. Too bad the granddaughter is the only one with a costume this year.

Lil said...

I have read wonderful things about your Illusion of Night book.

Happy Halloween!

booklover0226 said...

I like Illusion of Night's cover. PL Nunn's works rock!

Happy Halloween!

Tracey D
booklover0226 at gmail dot com

Rain said...

I think I just mistakenly sent you an email through the contact form when I meant to comment on this post. Sorry! And Happy Halloween!