Friday, November 19, 2010

A Little Bit of News

Well I'm finally getting the new PC how I want it.  Of course every time I think I have everything set up perfectly, I realize there's one more program or podcast to download.

It was suggested to me not to quite give up the ship yet with the hard drive.  So first chance I get, I'm going to give Geek Squad a try.  Unfortunately, circumstances have made it so I won't be able to get it to Geek Squad until possibly next month.  This has made it very hard for me to concentrate on other works.  I was very into Blade and Thorn, as some of you know it was over 20K words before the hard drive meltdown.

But I have decided to procrastinate no longer.  I dragged my muse out of the corner where she was sitting and sulking and told her to get to work.  I'll let you know what I accomplished this weekend.  So it's a good night's sleep for me and I'll be up bright and early giving the new coffee maker (did I tell you I broke the carafe and was without a writer's best friend for a week??!!) a true workout.

In the meantime, what's up with my fellow writers?  Anything in the works?  Feel free to comment.  Remember, thanks to the hard drive meltdown I also lost many e-books and everything on my TBR pile.


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