Monday, November 1, 2010

Well that's, that....

I never know why the good news is always tempered with bad. After getting my brand new PC, I received a response tonight from the data recovery service. They couldn’t retrieve anything. Everything on my hard drive is gone. Like I said before, this includes all of my works including my books and WIP’s, short stories, purchased e-books, everything. And the real irony, the files the recovery service saved the last time this happened were on this hard drive as well so in reality I’ve lost some works twice.

I have some things burned on disk but these are very old versions, at least a year or more and there is nothing of my more recent works. Anything on these disks will have been edited so many times, they would probably read like different stories.

The recovery service wanted to know if I wanted the drive back. I’m going to tell them to just throw it away. There’s no point in spending money having it sent back if there’s nothing on it.

I’m still processing what happened so I can’t quite say how I feel right now or what I’m going to do next.



Jason said...

god, I can so relate. I am so sorry. I lost so much when my computer died a few months back. I am so so sorry.

I do have a suggestion for you though. Save all your WIPs etc in


CJ Black said...

Thanks so much Jason. :-) Dropbox and Mozy were two of the services suggested to me when this whole mess began and I'm researching them. I have Comcast's back-up service but the site keeps going down so I'm not depending on them. I'll probably go with both. I'll be keeping everyone posted.