Friday, January 14, 2011

Changes For the Coming Year

I hate goodbyes.

Who doesn’t? But they’re an inevitable part of life, especially when change is imminent. On Friday, I said goodbye to my friends and co-workers in my former department at the day job. I start my new position on Tuesday. Then that very night, I said goodbye at the night job. Took everything I had not to start bawling both times. Which was weird because I was eager to start my new position and wanted to go back to one job for awhile. My new schedule, which is second shift, doesn’t allow me to have both. This may change in the future. Who knows?

But these changes comes with the New Year so it feels especially important to me. Perhaps many other things will change in the near future. A few years back I was taking college night courses to earn my ASB degree but had to leave because of a family situation. I now want to see if I can go back and finish. I’m hoping to use the degree to perhaps get myself a managerial position. Something I hadn’t considered before, but now I’m finding myself quite interested.

There’s sort of a cute story involved with one of the courses I took, if I recall it was for Business Writing. I was struggling with the particular course because when writing for business you have to follow an extremely strict set of parameters. A fellow classmate was assigned to correct my work and vice-versa. After she wore out several red pens (which was annoying) the instructor called me to her desk. I figured, I’m in for it now. Then she just smiled at me and said, “You’re a novel writer aren’t you?”

I was like, hello! I asked, “Yes, how did you know?”  She replied, “I can tell. I’ve written a novel myself. It’s hard for a novel writer to stay inside the lead box when they naturally want the words to flow freely.”

She was right and I appreciated her understanding. I got through the assignments with her help but it was still a struggle. At least now, I have a heads up.

So I’m looking forward to the changes and to the many things I have planned.

Writing-wise I’m finally working on the sequel to Illusion of Night! Am I the only one who shudders at the word sequel? I prefer “companion piece”. Also I snagged the sample I had on my site for Blade and Thorn and I’m starting from that but it looks like this is going to turn out to be an entirely different story. Perhaps that’s a good thing.

I will be hosting yet another wonderful author, Kiki Howell on January 19th. I’ll continue to host authors throughout the coming year. I’d also like to do more interviews, so I’ll repost the interview questions. Feel free to grab them and respond.

I hope everyone enjoys their New Year and accomplishes everything they want to do.

And don’t be afraid of the changes.



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