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Guest Blogger - Author HD Hatcher

I’ve been very fortunate to have many wonderful authors guest blog here at Black Satin. I’m enjoying having them here and hopefully we’ve been able to help each other by drawing more readers to our works!

This month, I’d like to welcome author HD Hatcher with his recent release, A Cold Dark Place. And as an extra added bonus, Mr. Hatcher will be giving away a copy of A Cold Dark Place to one lucky winner! There will be more on that a little bit down the post, so stay tuned!

Of course, we always begin by giving you a bit of personal information about the author.


Author HD Hatcher is no newcomer on the literary scene. He is author of In the Heart of the Closet, a piece nominated for both the 2006 Stonewall Book Award and the 2005 Lambda Literary Award. He is an avid supporter of gay and lesbian causes, suicide prevention programs, as well as Animal Rights. Hatcher currently resides in the Grand Strand area of South Carolina, near his hometown of Conway, with his Life Partner of ten years, Jerry.


About A Cold Dark Place:

Purchase at Passionate Writer Publishing
ISBN# 978-0-9828209-2-6
210 Pages: $14.95    
E-Book: $6.99

On a chance meeting, (at a mutual friend’s house) Luke finds the love of his life. Andy is what Luke has been longing for all of his adult years: the perfect man. But, this perfect man is not only straight—he is married to a woman who is more devilish than Satan himself.

In a bittersweet journey that will change his life forever, Luke must reach deep inside and find the strength he never knew existed. A Cold Dark Place is the story of a man who must pick up the pieces of his broken heart after a lifetime of heartbreak and betrayal.


HD was nice enough to provide us with his take on what it entailed writing A Cold Dark Place:

HD Hatcher- A Cold Dark Place

When I was writing A Cold Dark Place, I knew that I wanted to include a love scene. I will be the first to admit that it would have been much easier to say, “To hell with it” and allow the scene to be written as a raw piece of erotica. I wanted to. Don’t get me wrong. However, I felt as though that it would be inappropriate due to the sensitive nature of the novel as a whole.

I kept the scene light and devoid of too much intensity to prevent A Cold Dark Place from becoming a stereotypical gay read. A lot of the gay reads depict a graphic tale of “Wham Bam, thank you ma’am” relationship with as many strangers as possible, immediately followed by your drug of choice. This is exactly what I have always promised to stay away from in my writing. (Even in the erotic short story that I have written entitled, One Too Many, the sex is between two friends that have known each other for a long time.)

I wanted the feelings between the two characters in A Cold Dark Place to be highlighted by the emotions involved as opposed to the act itself.

I wanted the reader to use their imagination. I felt like this approach would allow for a much hotter outcome for the reader. Much more so than anything I could probably conjure up for them.

I am not quite ready to venture out and start writing erotica just yet, but nine chances out of ten, there might be a reason or two for the reader to have to take a cold shower after reading something of mine.

Thank you so much for having me and I hope that we can do this again some time.


And now for the giveaway. It’s quite easy – post here at Black Satin and tell us how much you want a copy of A Cold Dark Place and why! And to give yourself an even better chance of winning? Subscribe to Black Satin and let us know you’ve done so. The winner will be chosen and contacted by HD.

I’d like to take the time to thank HD for visiting me at Black Satin. Good luck with A Cold Dark Place and all your future works! It was a pleasure!


CJ Black

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