Saturday, March 19, 2011


I had a pretty nice day.  Today I did something I've always wanted to do.  It was a small thing but I had fun.  I went to the local Barnes and Noble with my Netbook in hand, bought a green tea blended drink, sat down and wrote.  I actually started something new (to join with the myriad of projects I'm currently working on) but this is something specific and I started it for a special reason.  I can't get into it right now but I hope to have some news soon.

I wanted to work on some editing too but I found that I downloaded the wrong version of the story but that's all right.  I want to find a couple of other places with free WiFi and some good coffee.

Before that I hit the local Best Buy and bought a new microphone (I stepped on my old one) and one of those netbook lap holders.  I want to spend a lot of time outside writing and enjoying my garden this summer.

The mic is for Skype, which I recently joined.  Anyone else on?

The only annoying thing I had happen today?  Well besides someone getting an attitude again when I didn't want to try and beat on-coming traffic (I mean, really?) was going to a certain department store to price some appliances and being subjected to the "hard sell".  The lady was nice enough and I know she has to make a living too but I've never responded well to the hard sell tatic.  If I say I'm only pricing and don't want to purchase today, leave it at that.  If you give me the old, "buy this thing right now or you'll regret it for the rest of your life" routine chances are, I won't buy it there.  Just saying.

On the other hand I made a purchase at a different store because the sales person had this totally fun and upbeat attitude and I was impressed.  Consider this a shout out.  I really wanted the item and would have bought it anyway but because he didn't make me feel like I was being coerced it sealed the deal.

A UFO?? No, it's the super-moon and a street lamp.
 Now I'm at my favorite place -- Home.  Dorothy?  And I'm snacking and having a nice glass of wine.  And it was a pleasant day and a reasonably nice night weather-wise.  Now the "super-moon" had risen full and bright and earlier it was hanging low in the sky and had sort of a golden color to it.  If I wasn't driving, I would have taken a picture on my cell right then and there.

Now I'm eager for spring (ok, lets say the warm weather, as spring will be here in two days) and to get out in my garden.  I plan on making it rather spectacular this year.  So what are your plans for the spring and summer?
A nice trip?  Staying at home?  Or finding a nice place to write?




Chris said...

Ok, not trying to sound like an ad or spam here, but re: discovering you don't have the right version of something with you - I always recommend getting a free Dropbox account. I've gotten several writing friends hooked on it. You can save your docs to your Dropbox account, plus to your computer. You can access the Dropbox version anywhere you have a wi-fi connection, plus you have critical things backed up for you... in case you have a computer theft/death, etc.

If you use this link to sign up, I get bonus free space. I think you start with 2gb free and you can work your way up to 8 gb free by referring friends.

CJ Black said...

Hi Chris!

Thanks! Sorry but (blushes) I already have DropBox (along with Mozy and Comcast) after the big crash of August 2010 I've been spreading everything around.

But you know, it didn't even occur to me to check Dropbox until you mentioned it just now! I'll know for next time!

It was cool though, because I threw myself into the new work and spent a couple of hours on it while I enjoyed my green tea smoothie.

Enjoy your weekend!


Chris said...

Cool. I got my friend to use it because she was emailing her manuscripts to herself so she could access them on various computers. Dropbox was a lot easier and more secure. :)