Monday, April 11, 2011


I actually meant to put this post up on Sunday but didn’t get a chance. So enjoy! But first how do you like my tweaking? I’m going to do more to my blog later although I’m not sure what just yet.


I didn’t stay at Border’s as long as I usually do today because I saw a few things that I want to buy and right now I’m a little short on funds not to mention – have you seen the price of gas lately? Damn, I really shouldn’t have come out today. That and the WiFi here isn’t working so I can’t even get online. But the good news is they actually still have my latte and I’m sitting here in the peace and quiet (far away from my noisy neighbors) and enjoying one right now.

Who reads comic books? I’m asking because three racks of them are staring me in the face and I can’t help but look at them. I’m not a reader of them. Yes, I own a few, like the comic they made for the Dragon’s Lair game which has woefully gone unfinished and a comic for The Pirates of Darkwater, which I think is Hanna Barbera’s greatest achievement (next to Johnny Quest) and they totally dissed it. I’m sorry, I have NEVER liked Scooby Doo, even when I was a kid. But let’s not get on that tangent. And since I grew up in a house full of boys, I’m quite well versed in the characters. This and I liked the old 60’s Spiderman series (and how many of you young folks remember that?) I hope someone admits that they do. I also recall having a Wonder Woman graphic novel when I was a pre-teen as well as a storybook and record (yes I said record). And I fully plan on checking out the new series.

And I have to admit I am a fan of the hilarious Linkara from Atop the Fourth Wall, he’s a vidcast comic reviewer. It’s sort of a guilty pleasure for me. But the fact of the matter is I’ve simply never been able to get into comics because of some of the things that comic writers are allowed to get away with that novel writers can’t. Now all you comic lovers out there don’t get upset. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with them, they’ve just never been something I could get deep into.

I can imagine how an editor would react if I wrote something like a main character getting killed off, brought back to life, cloned several times, killed again, reborn a different sex and many other eyebrow raising things I’ve seen in comics. But then again I’ve heard of fans being infuriated by such things. They want good plausible story lines as well, along with a coherent plot and fully fleshed out characters. Sure mysticism, magic, paranormal is fantastic. After all, I write it and I love it. But I and many writers of paranormal, fantasy, science-fiction, and horror feel there has to be some plausibility to it. Just a little.
OK, time to finish my latte and go home.



Chris said...

Yay for your latte being available!

And I just realized that the guy in your banner was the guy I featured in last Monday's Misadventure.

CJ Black said...

D'OH! I didn't know, honestly! I got it from one of the free sites. Awwww hell....does this mean I have to change my banner now?

Chris said...

LOL! :)