Monday, April 18, 2011


I am in a reasonably good mood (except for one thing that I saw online this morning that I can't mention because its against the code set forth for authors) while I sit here munching on Eggo's and drinking my coffee before starting another work week.

I was at Border's yesterday but I didn't get to write a musings so I'll reserve it for next week.

But the good news is, it's official!  Last night I finally came up with a title for Illusion's sequel, Memory in Shadow.  Didn't think I'd ever get the perfect title but I'm loving this one.  I'm up to chapter seven hoping to finish it this morning.  It's amazing how much motivation a new title can give you.  I suppose it makes the entire project official.

So the question of the day is, how do my fellow writers come up with their titles?


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