Sunday, April 24, 2011

Well my day has taken a turn....

Well if this don't beat all. Here I am ready for a nice fun day in the sun. I go to Home Depot to pick up a few things, I get out of my car, close the car door and the driver's side mirror falls off and breaks. A couple of years back my car was vandalized and I had to get the mirror replaced. Actually this is the second time, it happened before and the car dealer my insurance company chose (not mine) put the wrong mirror on. I took it to my dealership the second time. Luckily my insurance covered it both times. I thought my dealership had done it right this time. Would you believe they stuck the mirror back on with glue squares? So now I had to buy a stick-on mirror at Pep Boys (shout out) in order to see to drive home because the dealership is closed today. Well I'm making the best of it. I'll work in the garden and wash my car, maybe make a few frosty drinks. Tomorrow I get to play irate customer.


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