Tuesday, May 17, 2011


If you'll forgive the cross-posted news:

KA-CHOW!  And here's the news I've been waiting to announce!  Just signed and returned a contract to Ravenous Romance™ for my M/F contemporary short story Passion's Due (formerly Trade).  Come do the Happy Dance with me!!

Yes, I wanted to make sure everything was official before I made the announcment.  I got the contract right before I was going out the door to work and it drove me nuts waiting for the day to end so I could get home and sign it.  Sometimes working late shift has its disadvantages.

But as with all my works I can't wait until this comes out and I hope everyone enjoys it!  Dang, wish Border's was open, I would go have one of my latte's.

More to come.



Chris said...

Congrats! Are you working on any m/m? (I just read m/m.)

CJ Black said...

Thanks! I'm actually waiting to hear about another submission a m/m/m contemporary, Diamond in the Rough. Wish me luck!