Friday, May 6, 2011


Okay, this is more of an extended rant or at least a partial rant than a musing.

Today was one annoyingly weird and crappy day. Or at least the last few hours were.

You know I try to advance in business and basically be honest but with the people I have to deal with, being a back-stabbing little byotch sometimes has a certain appeal even though that’s not how I roll.

Someone took exception to me calling them “sweetie”. I call everybody sweetie or dear. Yes I’m an old lady and am allowed to do so. No one has been offended by it until today. Or if they were they’ve never said anything. To coin a phrase from Judith Light in Law and Order SVU, “Take your meds people.”

I stopped at my local garden center. When I was there I felt better as I walked along the rows of racks and shelves. I was only there to get a cucumber and watermelon plants but it made me feel comfortable all the same. Like the plants as they sat were surrounding me in an embrace. When I left I remembered how pissed I was.

And I made sure to get my lady-beer tonight.

And apparently liquor stores don’t take empties anymore. The EPA now requires the stores to pay them .04 cents a bottle. You can recycle them but you don’t get anything for them.  So I had to lug them back home.

And I got carded. For the first time in --- a few years. I just looked at the guy and said, “Seriously?” He gives me this innocent look and says quietly, “Yes ma’am.” I just laughed and said, “Ok, sweetie (uh-oh) I’ll take that as a compliment.” His fellow clerk said, “Yes, take it as a compliment. You look very young.” It made me feel a bit better.

Next door to the liquor store is a fire house. As I was driving past, I noticed a cordoned off area where there was a car, flipped over on its roof, its windows smashed. There’s no logical explanation for how that happened. I could only think, WTF?

Well I’m home (nods to Dorothy) and apparently it’s going to be for the whole weekend. So feel free to catch me online or one of the IM’s. I’m going to knock out as much of Memory in Shadow as I can this weekend. I want it out there.

Then again I wouldn't mind playing some video games.  I was going to buy a Wii but now the Wii 2 is in the works.  Maybe next week I'll finally upgrade to the DSi.  No, I am not paying $249.99 for a 3DS.

Enjoy your weekend everyone. Peace.



Chris said...

Have your beer, kick back, and relax!

CJ Black said...

Thanks! I really want to but I promised myself I'd write this evening. Sigh...I do have the beer though.