Saturday, May 14, 2011


Today I’m at Barnes and Noble and I’m having this:

Is that not totally decadent or what? As I posted on FaceBook I love being a modern writer.

Not much to muse on today. It’s dreary and rainy out and normally I stay in on days like this but today I just wanted to be out. I have a few errands to run and I’m off to Trader Joe’s right after this to get some frozen potstickers dumplings. Then I’ll probably go home and have a nice nap.

Change of plans concerning one of my short stories. I’ll make an official announcement very soon.

One thing I did notice when I was perusing the shelves at the B&N was the surfeit of identical covers in the paranormal romance and suspense genres. This has been noticed before as I’ve read some comments and an article on the subject in the past. Now I’m not knocking the covers and I know it’s necessary to convey the genre and I know there aren’t many other ways to do it, but it just seems sometimes that publishers need to put a little more effort into the presentation.

I counted a good forty covers that have the same thing – usually a bad ass woman in a leather outfit posing for the camera holding a big gun or sword, the background is usually a gritty urban setting, and at times there is the shadowy portrait of her love interest in the background. The tag line is always something like, “She’s bad ass and she’ll kick your ass.” Now again, they’re all very well made and the artists are quite talented but let’s try something a little different shall we? Perhaps allow the artists more control and to be inspired by the story? Just saying.

I’d personally like to see a different type of woman on the cover. But if that is to happen we have to have different characters.  Although we don't know if this is what the author actually planned.  My point is, why can’t she be a badass without being a young woman going around in leather all the time? What about the quiet, gentle librarian type who dresses modestly and neatly?  She’s standing behind the desk, glasses perched on her nose, when the werewolf busts in. She calmly walks over him, beats the crap out of him, then pushes back that wisp of flyaway hair, replaces her glasses on her nose and goes to have a latte.

What about a -- *ahem* more mature woman like Helen Mirren ala Red?
That movie is in my Netflix queue and I’m so wanting to see it.

Oh you know who would be even better? A sort of O-Ren Ishii type character? Now that I’d pay serious money for! I just loved the below scene. Um – remember this is a very violent scene but since no one under 18 years old is supposed to be here, what are you doing?

But he kind of had it coming didn’t he? I mean how are you going to go into a powerful woman’s home, sit at her table, eat her food, drink her drink, then insult her in front of her peeps and not expect to get your head cut off?

There are probably many other ways the paranormal romance/suspense character can be done or if anyone knows of a different way or seen different cover art feel free to post.

Hmm…You know, I could write any one of these characters myself. Everybody, forget I mentioned them.




Chris said...

Actually, one of my friends has a very different urban fantasy heroine: Mind Games (Disillusionists, Book 1) by Carolyn Crane.

Although the paperback cover art does feature a leather jacket and a knife, so you definitely nailed that one!

CJ Black said... that is one intriguing premise! Let your friend know it's going on my TBR list. I guess they had to change the cover for the paperback version?

Chris said...

The PB was first. The first two books in the trilogy were with a print publisher, who didn't pick up the option for the third book. So the ebooks for those are with Untreed Reads, and the third book will be out from Samhain in September.

I'll let her know! :)