Sunday, June 12, 2011

Big News! Two Acceptances & Other Nice Things...

It’s been a great month for this erotic fiction author. If you haven’t seen already I got two acceptances, one from Ai Press and the wonderful Sedonia Guillone. They accepted the revamped version of Rain Play. Here’s the coming soon from the Ai Press site. Hope they don’t mind that I nabbed it!

Rain Play
Author: CJ Black
Genre: M/M; Contemporary
Length: Tryst

Zach Wilder has to content himself with watching Mark Davis from a distance. His sexy co-worker is already involved with someone and Zach is no home-wrecker. Mark spends most of his time in whispered conversations with a man on the other end of his cell. Zach is nothing more than a voyeur until a chance encounter brings the two of them together on a rainy night. One session during the storm leads to many others as skin flushed hot by desire is cooled by the torrent. Zach has promised himself he wouldn’t fall but holds on to the hope that Mark will allow him to be his shelter. He’s ready to take a chance on Mark even though he is on the rebound. Unfortunately for the both of them the past has a nasty way of interfering, leaving Zach to wonder if Mark is truly worth the fight.

And now for the second, earlier today, I learned Cobblestone Press and the fabulous Deanna Lee accepted my M/M/M contemporary short story, Diamond in the Rough. As soon as I get more information, I’ll place it right here. This story is also a reimagining if you will.
So that’s two acceptances in one month! Life is good.

On the 14th, I will have a new guest blogger Ms. Bella Marie. So I hope you’ll stop by.

Going strong on Memory in Shadow and another contemporary paranormal which is yet untitled (sigh) and I am close to finishing. So maybe it will be three this month. Keep your fingers crossed for me!