Saturday, July 9, 2011

Musings 10

Well I managed to get to B & N for the first time in several weeks. I decided to try something a little different this time and got a cream puff with my cappuccino and it’s delicious of course. I swear I am never going to lose weight but what the hell, life’s too short not to have a cream puff now and again.

And of course I perused the shelves and didn’t see many new entries on the shelves, mainly continuances of series. And of course, a majority of the covers have the sexy, angst-ridden, kick-ass women in tight jeans (or leather pants) or the grim angst-ridden hard-nosed guy in a leather jacket, or the kick ass woman, standing with the hard-nosed man. So of course my question is when are we going to see some hard-ass men standing with kick ass men (or women). Together? OK, I’ll say it, when is the LGBT fiction going to go mainstream? I mean seriously mainstream. Don’t get me wrong, I adore writing e-books but you know, I think it would be nice if the bookstores stopped being such prudes and opened their doors and made room on their shelves for me and my fellow m/m erotica writers. I even looked around the shelves at B&N to make sure I wasn’t mistaken and didn’t see any. Now I recall Borders had a small section for erotica, that was some time ago. I haven’t been there lately but I don’t recall seeing it. That was all het anyway.

Of course we’ve been told the reason -- too controversial. Come on, really? You do know if you relent and put some of us on the shelves you might just get more customers which some of you guys need right now, right?

Despite those awful Amazon Kindle commercials, I don’t believe the paper and ink book is going anywhere anytime soon. Some of us can’t afford Kindles and Nooks (yet), anyway. This purchase of the full version of MS Office 2010 that I bought has set me back so far that I’ll probably be eating nothing but TJ’s chicken potstickers for a while.

Times are changing and no one can stop progress despite how many times people have tried. And it hasn’t destroyed us yet, has it?




Chris said...

The last time I was in Borders (which has since closed), they had carts full of books to be shelved and I amused myself mightily by imagining "MM Romance" didn't actually mean "Mass Media Romance"...

Chris said...

D'oh! Mass Market. :D

CJ Black said...

The Border's here are just barely hanging on. The one I usually go to, where I saw the erotic romance novels, is remodeling. I may go there today to see what's up. I'll probably have another musing to write.