Saturday, August 13, 2011

Articles by Brenda Woody - On Coffeejitter

Recently, Brenda Woody and I had a little discussion concerning book reviews and it came up that she's written an article on the subject for a site called Coffeejitter.  I recommend reading it if you are or wish to become a reviewer in the future.  Brenda has told me she plans to write other articles on various subjects within the business.  So visit her on Coffeejitter and give her articles a look-see.  Here's a sampling below:

How to Become a Book Reviewer:

If you are an avid reader and love to tell your friends about the books you read, why not become a book reviewer?

There are advantages to becoming a book reviewer.  Most book reviewers receive books to review before they are available to the public. While generally this is an unpaid job, you get to read your favorite subjects and keep the books. Authors or book stores will ask a reviewer to read and submit a review for a book newly released to help with sales.

Additional article by Brenda Woody:


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