Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Musings 11 a. – Life is Good.

What a totally fabulous summer this has been!  Four story acceptances, two printed and one to be out by the end of the month.  And I got the new position I wanted.  No more phone work!  Boo-Yah!  On the drive home, I turn on the radio and what is playing?  Don’t Stop Believing,  by Journey!  Is that karma or what?

I’m feeling really good right now.  My next door neighbor was out with her family and when I told her I’d gotten the job she invited me over and we had Peppermint Patty and Chocolate Covered Cherry Shots to celebrate.

Hell I even got a couple of citations from the city for some fixing-up I have to do on my property and I’m thinking, “Whatever.”  I’ll take care of it tomorrow.  After all tomorrow is another day…

I finally started retaking my courses for my Associates in Business.  I was given a pre-Algebra course (anyone want to do my assignments in exchange for chocolate) which is already kicking my ass and Critical Reading to start.  Which of course will be a breeze. J

Are all my fellow Easterners all right after the earthquake?  That certainly made the day more interesting.

Time to snuggle down and watch my guilty pleasure….Family Guy.


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