Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Birthday Bash Contest - Win a free copy of Passion's Due!

Celebrate my birthday with me!  Post here and answer a simple question – What was your favorite birthday present?  I’ll choose someone at random to win a free copy of Passion’s Due.  And is your birthday the same day as mine – October 18th?  Just say so (I’m going to go on the honor system here) and you also have a chance to win a copy of Passion’s Due by choice at random. 



mary gresham said...

I have to say my best and favorite birthday present came last year for my 45th, hubby and son went together and bought me a Kindle. It has made a huge difference in my reading. If it hadn't been for that, I would have never read a m/m romance, would have never stuck my foot in the door of this genre and fell in love with it.

An Open Book said...

My all time favorite birthday gift was being treated out to lunch with my daughters, spending the day with them and coming home to a clean house. It's the simple things that make me happy.

Dawne P

dawne dor prochilo@yahoo.com

Dellani Oakes said...

My favorite birthday present (or pretty close to my birthday) was the birth of my eldest son 10 days before my 25 birthday. The doctor had expected him to be deformed or have Down's Syndrome and he was perfect in every way!

My birthday was October 3rd, but I was actually due on your birthday, I just decided to come early.