Saturday, December 10, 2011

News and Updates!

Yes, it has been awhile hasn’t it?  I have some updates and a couple of announcements, some you probably already know if you follow my FaceBook page and the other areas where I hang out.

First, need some last minute Christmas present ideas for your online friends?  OK, I know it’s still really early but what the hell? Some hot, steamy erotic will work wonders!  I have many works available that have gotten some kick-ass reviews.  It’s the perfect present!  Just click on the link at the top of my page – My Books and Stories. 
Once again the awesome Jadette Paige has me as a guest at her blog on December 12th where I’ll speak about my works with Ai Press, most notably, Rain Play and my WIP Crave The Dark.  So make sure you stop by and have a look!

And on the very same date, I’m going to gather my courage and do BK Walker’s podcast at!  Note down the time 6:00 pm EST.  In fact why not go there now and set up a reminder?  You’ll get to hear my dulcet tones – well my voice at least – for the very first time and you’ll be able to ask me questions about my writing, myself or whatever catches your fancy!  I’ll be sending out a notice later tonight.  I am SO hyped up about this.  Hmm, maybe I should relax a bit?

But wait – there’s more, the fabulous Nobilis Reed has agreed to do a blog interview.  I’ve wanted to feature him here at Black Satin for quite some time and I figured it was way past time.  The questions have already been sent, so as soon as everything is set up I’ll make the official announcement!

If you don’t already know, I also have a free read up at Smashwords which is doing quite well.  So if you’re a first-timer reading my work this is a good chance to get a sampling of my style!  And of course a review would be appreciated!

I’ve updated both my blog and website with the many reviews I’ve received recently.  I’m so glad everyone is enjoying my work!

Peace everyone!


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