Saturday, January 28, 2012

Musings 15? - Book Report

At Barnes and Noble and I managed to get a seat this time.  Enjoying a large Passionfruit iced tea and a pizza pretzel.  Both good.  I could enjoy it a lot more if the three woman next to me wasn't spending all this time griping out loud about the actors and actresses in the fan mags not to mention the fashions.  "Ladies, enough!"  I want to yell.  "I don't want to hear about a boob job!"  Well it's always something isn't it?  Oh good, they left.  And even though I can't even begin to afford it, I'm purchasing books.  Chocolate and books, the only two things I'll buy when I'm low on funds.  And maybe electronics.

What's on the Shelves? Still a lot of paranormal but not as many as before.  Historical seem to be making a comeback as well as heroic fantasy (yeah!) so I'd better get cracking if I want to do one of my New Years resolutions of getting into mainstream.

And I'm just hearing of this today but apparently, after wishing for a series on my last musing, Janet Evanovich's  One for the Money, is now on film with Katherine Hiegl as Stephanie Plum.  Wow, I need to start watching the news more, this came out yesterday.  Or at least literary news.

As to the books one of my FAVORITE authors, Beverly Jenkins has come out with a new novel called NightHawk.  The sexy shirtless cowboy on the cover caught my eyes.  Well that and I pretty much have all her historical romances.

The second is Greatshadow by James Maxey.  I've seen his previous works but never had an occasion to purchase them.  This is book one although it doesn't say whether its a trilogy or a series.  Either way is good for me.  He also has a blurb by Gail Z. Martin.  Wonder how he managed that?

I'm glad I could get out today.  Its kind of cool but its nice enough and I did some shopping.  But now I want to write.  I'm going to finish my tea and probably head on home though.  Left the coffee pot on.  Besides I want to send out my writing resume and see how to put it up on my site.  I also want to start researching some literary agents.  I realized the last time I did, was when e-books were first created.

Hope you all make many words today.  Peace!


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