Saturday, March 3, 2012

Author News and a Party!

Hello my fellow authors and book lovers! This month I am participating in The Romance Reviews First Anniversary Party! Many games and prizes are being offered (including a free copy of Souls Inflamed) and much fun may be had by all! Just a note: In order to participate, you will have to register and be logged in at TRR before you can play the games, but it’s easy and its FREE so don’t delay. Go on and have fun! As for me, I’m going back to continue to shout out!

I'm currently checking my files for an old story that I'm going to print on Smashwords to not only show my support but also to participate in the Read An E-book Week Sale from March 4th through the 10th!  This story Rose Petals was originally published in an anthology that unfortunately fell through.  Just hoping I didn't lose it in the big crash of August 2008!  It is a erotic contemporary M/F short story.  I'll let you know with an announcement as soon as I find it!

And about Smashwords, may I recommend going to their site and reading about their efforts in their ongoing fight with Paypal?  There seem to be some assumptions that they're just rolling over and that doesn't seem to be the case at all.  It's not always easy to just make a decision that effects your life and the way you make your living.  Trust me, I know. 

And I wasn't aware that March is Read and E-Book Month.  Very cool.  And if you don't mind a bit of shameless promotion --

Illusion of Night
Purchase URL:

Diamond in the Rough
Purchase URL:

Souls Inflamed
Purchase URL:

Fire and Fate
Purchase URL:

Rain Play
Purchase URL:

Passion’s Due
Purchase URL:

What You See
Purchase URL:

More information about Read An E-Book Week can be found at their blog.

I received the first round of edits for Crave The Dark and I'm still plugging away at the sequel to Illusion of Night, Memory In Shadow.  Up to over 60K words.  Dang I need more coffee.  Peace!


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