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Interview - Author Nobilis Reed!

Hello everyone!  Let's welcome the fabulous author -- Nobilis Reed!  I've wanted to put this interview up for awhile and my most sincere apologies to Nobilis for it taking so long!  And now, sit back grab some coffee -- or if it's sunny and warm where you are a Starbucks Frappuccino  and get to know Mr. Reed!

1. Who is Nobilis Reed?

I am the post prolific erotica podcaster in the history of planet Earth; I am the author of the Orgone Chronicles far-future science fiction novels, the Tales of Love and Engineering near-future romance series, and the brand-new Roma Fervens steampunk romance series.

2. When did you first start writing and why?

My first fiction was a page I wrote on my grandmother’s typewriter when I got to the end of “Watership Down” that was about Kehaar returning to the colony. I loved the funny way the seagull talked and I wanted to have more of him. Ever since then, I’ve

3. Are there any particular writers who inspire you?                        

Jacqueline Carey has been a big influence. More recently, I’ve been reading China Mieville’s “Perdido Street Station” and it has me itching to do some deeper world-building. I also look up to Cecilia Tan and Mary Anne Mohanraj.

4. Why your current genre/style?

I write erotic speculative fiction, mostly science fiction but with plenty of fantasy and steampunk along the way.

5. Can you describe a typical day of creative work?

The best place for me to work is on the train back and forth to work. Distractions aren't my friend, and the train doesn't have wi-fi.

6. Someone approaches you and asks you, what do you write? How do you respond?

Depends on who it is. If it’s somewhere that I’m using my pseudonym, like a science fiction convention, it’s “Speculative Fiction that Goes There.” Hopefully that can open a conversation about the courage to write the sex scenes that other authors don’t.

If it’s an employer, then the answer is “Science Fiction Romance.” Most folks can understand that.

7. How do you handle the question, “Why don’t you write something serious?”

“My books are serious.”

8. How do you feel about the current state of mainstream publishing? E-book publishing?

Everything is in flux, and likely to stay that way. A decision that is right for you now, won’t be right for you in six month; a decision that is right for you won’t be right for other authors. You have to be willing to experiment, try new things as they come along, and read your contracts.

9. What was behind your decision to start podcasting?

I started off recording a series of five-minute episodes for another podcast. It wasn’t a good fit (that was really a chat show and had nothing to do with science fiction) so the host suggested that I strike out on my own. She pointed me in the direction of, and that was that. I was off and running.
10. Are there any other podcasts or updates on the horizon?

Nobilis Erotica is on hiatus at the moment, but it is definitely be coming back. Currently that’s scheduled for January 22nd, 2012, though that might get pushed up.

11. What are some of your other interests?

Hah! As if writing and podcasting weren’t enough...

Well, actually, I’m a big fan of Doctor Who and Red Dwarf, and occasionally will pull up an episode of Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood online. But really, I spend maybe two hours a week on such things.

12. What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating your books?

I was very surprised to find out how few people have a problem with what I write. It’s not to everyone’s taste, surely, but I did find that on a one-to-one level, people aren’t as prudish as we think they are. Mostly they worry about what “someone else” would think... without really being able to say who that is.

13. What do you think makes a good story?

A good story needs beginning, middle, and end; it doesn’t have to be the “rising action, climax, denouement” model we were taught in high school English class, but some kind of plot structure has to be there. Characters have to have reasons for what they do.

14. What are some of the promotional methods you use? What works or doesn’t?

Heh. I’ve tried all kinds of stuff. There’s the podcast of course, and social platforms like Twitter, and going to conventions, and blog posts. I’ve even tried posting ads using systems like Project Wonderful. The thing is, as soon as anything works for anyone, a whole pile of people start doing the same thing, and any advantage in doing it evaporates. So the secret is, that there’s no secret. Just keep doing different things, thinking creatively, seeing possible opportunities and taking them.

15. Are you an introverted or extroverted writer/artist?

I don’t believe those words have real meaning. People who are reserved in some social situations can be outgoing in others, and feel comfortable in it. I used to think I was introverted, but I was just unskilled and unsure of myself. I took some public speaking training with Toastmaster some years ago, and after that I don’t feel the need to stay quiet anymore.

16. Do you feel writers get a fair portrayal in other mediums such as TV shows and movies?  Everyone gets stereotyped in the popular media. TV stars get unfairly portrayed in most novels too!

17. What’s your writing soundtrack? Or do you write in complete silence?

Music or TV distracts me. Noise is best... which is why the train works so well.

18. Tell us about your current and future projects. What is on the horizon? (feel free to provide links).

Right now I’m working on the third book in the Orgone Chronicles, titled “Hunters.” That’s scheduled to come out in May, if all goes well at the publisher. You can find the first two titles at, as well as all the big ebook retailers.

I’m also currently holding a little race between two recent releases. “Ex Fumo Gaudiam” and “Riskwear.” The first is an interracial erotic romance set in a steampunk version of the Roman Empire; the second is a near-future BDSM romance. Whichever one sells better will be the first to receive a second book in the series. Those are also at Logical Lust, and all ebook platforms.

And those are just the most important ones. You can find out about all the things I’m doing on my website, at

I'd like to thank Nobilis again for joining me today at Black Satin!  It's really appreciated.

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