Saturday, May 12, 2012

Musings 22 -- And My 200th Post!

I just realized today will make my 200th post!  I also realized I missed my fiftieth and one-hundredth but it's all good!  Post a comment here and get a free copy of your choice of one my backlist!  One winner will be chosen at random!  And I am at Barnes and Noble for the first time in a couple of months and chocolate is the order of the day.

What am I seeing on the shelves?  Quite a few cozy mysteries now, many of them about cats.  And also cowboys, lots of cowboys.  So whatever happened to Navy Seals and Government Agents?  The only one I've been seeing is Stan Smith.  Or are these heroes being set aside?  Of course I've always been a big advocate of Joe Everyman being the hero.

I am still seeing a lot of paranormal although some of them seem to be melding with historical.  I'm not sure what happened to all of the heroic fantasy and sword and sorcery I was seeing.  There is one book I am contemplating purchasing -- The Sentinel Mage by Emily Gee.  I realized I have another one of her works that I haven't read yet, Thief With No Shadow.  Now that summer is here and I have my garden up and running I'm looking forward to diving into all the books I've purchased.

My brother is settling in quite nicely.  He has a dream you know, to study and become a chef and own his own restaurant.  I guess there's an upside to not seeing someone for awhile.  You learn all kinds of new things about them.  Even after he leaves I'm hoping we can keep this new relationship going.

Of course his talking about his dreams got me thinking of mine and something I heard in the movie, Hollywood Shuffle (and what happened to Robert Townsend and why hasn't he made any movies recently?) I believe it was the uncle of the character Bobby Taylor who said, "...there's nothing to it, but to do it."  I suppose if my brother at his age, can aspire to his dream then so can I.  I thought I wanted at one point not to try for mainstream and just stick to e-books but I'm going back to my original plan.  I don't want heroic fantasy to disappear from the shelves again.

Well I have to finish my errands and get back home.  Going to try and get some work done tonight.  I'll leave my brother downstairs to watch westerns on Encore.


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