Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Musings 23.5 ~ A Quick Muse ~ Chill okay?

One of the things I like about having a blog is I can pretty much say what I want to -- well pretty much.  As an author we still have to take care about what we say because as we all know, it can balloon out of control and suddenly we're on the front page of Yahoo News as that snippy author who is so thin-skinned she can't take a few unpleasant comments.

Sometimes, its a less-then stellar review.  We all get them, that's a fact of the business.  Sometimes, it's fellow authors, which always surprises me when I see it.  "Hey, you want to say, we're in the same boat!"  Something happened this evening and maybe I'm reacting this way, because it was a long hard day and I'm still a bit upset about a few things.

Not to get too deep into it, but I asked a question on a professional blog this morning.   When I came home tonight, a poster, with no information on her Blogger Profile, not even a picture, site or any means of contact but described herself as an aspiring author, took exception to my use of the term, "fiction novel".  Now to be honest, I barely noticed I'd done it and if I have before, and it has driven someone crazy, my apologies but according to her this phrase "drives editors and agents crazy and makes you look uninformed."


The same person also assumed I was unpublished.  I'm assuming she didn't bother to read my Blogger/Google profile.  Now of course I am inclined to set the record straight and although I appreciate a heads-up I feel the tone with which it was said was completely unnecessary.  Now this comment is on the blog of someone I had hoped to do business with in the future.  I'd like to believe the use of one single "oops" word won't ruin that.  But now this comment is there and it probably won't make me look all that good but I know commenting back will probably make things worse which really annoys the hell out of me.

So what do my fellow authors and readers think?



Lelani Black said...

Those words are perfectly legit in the industry. Nothing she had to go out of her way to school any writer on. I'd love to see her reaction when she gets schooled by a real editor, CJ. I think some people just focus on the wrong things to promote their own agenda. Whatever her agenda was didn't make her look very bright.

CJ Black said...

Thanks, Lelani! I am in complete agreement!