Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Musings 25 ~ The Muse Has Left The Building

I was perusing iTunes this evening when I, quite by accident, came upon this:

Now my day had gone well until this evening, when my boss told me I got dinged for missing something on a project and effectively blowing my chances of getting incentive this month.

I’ve been having that familiar feeling lately of wanting to chuck it all, to just say, the hell with the writing thing.  It’s not worth it.  Yvonne Mason assures me others feel this way.

When I saw this I had many thoughts, some probably wouldn’t be considered very professional of me, but what the hell I have to get this out.  Listed in numerical order:

1. First thought – wow!

2. Hey Capitol Records, this isn’t the only game in town you know!

3. Seriously?  How is this book getting so much press and merchandising?  I mean, it’s based on Twilight fan-fiction!  I bust my ass trying to be as original as possible – and yes I know there’s no such thing as a truly original idea—but at least these ideas are my own.  Maybe I should grab up some of my old Fake fan fiction and start writing some stories based on that.  At least I’d have the yaoi market.  Some folks love Fifty Shades, some hate it, but what was the catalyst that sparked the feeding frenzy?

4. Seriously, I want to know so I can cash in.

5. Yes, I know this is petty.  But I am human.

6. Where’s Peter Jackson when you need him?  Or better yet, John Williams – I love me some John Williams. I have to remember to purchase on iTunes every album he’s ever made.

7. I don’t know maybe I just need a glass of wine or some chocolate.

8. You know what, this isn’t worth it.  I’m calling it a career.  I’ve got work and school and just life in general.  I have a house and a cat to support.  Besides, what’s the point?

9. Stop looking for sympathy, CJ.

10. F***k that, I need to vent.

11. Ok, ok, it’s after midnight.  CJ, why don’t you just go and get some sleep.  Maybe things will look better in the morning.



P.S. I actually found the song I was looking for.

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