Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Special Announcement!  Sorry I took so long to get the surprise up and running but here it is.  I have just uploaded a re-release of my story Paint, available at both Smashwords and soon Amazon.  I’ve waited a long time to finally re-present this work to my fellow readers and authors and I am sure you will enjoy it.  Paint has received a previous 4.5 Star review from Night Owl Reviews and is an NOR Top Pick.

And let’s give a shout out to the multi-talented cover artist A.L. “Robin” Brantley.  I want to thank him so very much for doing such an excellent job!  Stop by his FBpage to see his other works and maybe ask him to do some art for you sometime?

Enjoy everyone!  And as always let me know what you thought!
ISBN: 9781476123660
PRICE: $1.99
In a land of magic and intrigue, trust is not something given lightly.
With the death of her husband, warrior Elani is shattered, left empty and devoid of her heart until a chance meeting gives her the opportunity to feel again. Prince Sadir is a sorcerer practicing the art of seduction, his power hidden within a deft touch and the swift stroke of a brush. He sees Elani’s pain and the emptiness inside of her and offers her a gift.

Accepting Sadir’s enigmatic invitation, Elani travels to his exotic land and surrenders herself into his hands and to his magic. Branding her body and soul with his passion, Sadir paints a portrait of what Elani has become and draws her out of that dark world with his care.

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