Sunday, March 17, 2013


So it's a Musings so you know where I am and I've just been assured this B&N is not closing. Boo-Yah!  I didn't see anything really new ~ unless you call several different versions of The Host new ~ and we seem to have a sudden jump in the bad-ass women in leather books ~ aka paranormal with strong female leads.  Damn I need to get Tinderbox finished!  But I really needed this break as much as the clothes shopping and topping it off with a piece of red velvet cheesecake and a passion fruit iced tea.

Not too much about the business has me up and arms ~ well the whole Fifty Shades of Grey thing still does. I will continue my crusade to prove that there is BETTER EROTICA NOVELS, that exist in the world. I know I've read plenty of them.  Ah-hah! You thought I was going to say I've written them as well didn't you?  Well. you're absolutely right!

I am a big fan of The Nostalgia Critic and his female counterpart The Nostalgia Chick aka Lindsay Ellis.  Nostalgia Chick is currently doing a set of parody videos of 50 Shades of Grey called 50 Shades of Green.  In these videos Lindsay and her gal pal Nella are writing a parody of Fifty Shades and going through the various stages. I know it's supposed to be funny and I have watched them and I suppose they are but....

As Lindsay herself states after all sorts of posts on the erotica and paranormal genres on Twitter she has decided to write her own, all tongue in cheek, I'm thinking.  Lindsay says that all blockbuster novels have a gimmick.  She wants to see what it takes to write the, next Twilight.  Now both women claim to love books but I have to wonder -- the goal is to shop around the book to actual agents, I suppose to prove they will accept anything?  Which we authors know isn't the truth.  But it seems to me the whole thing pokes fun at book writing as a whole.  It's the old, book writing is so easy that we can do it.  Look at all the garbage out there?  We can do better.  All we need is a gimmick like others writers.  Wow, that's a total bitch-slap.

Ladies I will tell you what my gimmick is.  I sit here and write the best damn story I can.  I put my heart into the plot, the characters and the world building.  I don't stop until it's perfect.  And I don't try to copy someones else's style nor do I use old fan-fiction. And I believe I can fairly say none of my works are Lovecraftian.  Well maybe Crave the Dark or Souls Inflamed?  Naaahhhhh....

Dang, I'm thinking, am I taking this too seriously?  Are there fellow authors who have seen these videos and they think they're hilarious?  They do say in the second video that not all fan-fiction isn't bad. I'm just wondering if Lindsay and Nella realize there is actually good erotica and/or paranormal out there?  Will they end the videos with a message like, "This was all to poke fun at bad erotic and/or paranormal fiction.  We're not saying it's all like this.  Now if you want to read some decent erotica pick up, Talented Author A's books."  

I'd hate to think Lindsay and Nella are jumping on the all erotica is bad bandwagon.  In fact, Lindsay, Nella, I'll make you a deal ~ when you finish your videos (or even before if you want) drop me a line or post on my Facebook page and I will give the both of you one copy of my back list works.  Your choice.  Read it and if you like it, just say so.  Just so your fans know not to take Fifty Shades as I've said in the past as the ~ be all, end all of erotic fiction.  Better yet, do a short video and I'll put it here on Black Satin.  Now if you don't like your chosen work ~ oh come on, you will I guarantee it!  But on the off-chance you don't I'll give you a list of my favorite authors to peruse.  Actually the list is right here.  Just look at the right column and scroll down a bit.

So far we have only the first five videos but apparently they're going to be more. Let's see how far this goes and of course, I'll update as soon as possible.  Who know maybe I am taking this too personally.  Then again maybe I'm not.

To be continued...

p.s. Look for some changes very soon on both my site and here at Black Satin.  Peace!


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