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And now, next in a series of author interviews please welcome, author Melody S.!  It's great to have you here on Black Satin!

1. Who is Melody S.?

Melody S. is an author, a poet, and a business woman! I am also a mother and a wife.

2. When did you first start writing and why?

I first started writing about the age of 12 when I began writing poetry. I was searching for a way to express myself creatively and after reading some work by the great Langston Hughes, I wanted to see if I could do what he did. I wanted to see if I could express myself and make people feel, the rest is history.

3. Are there any particular writers who inspire you?

I am inspired by Iyanla Vanzant, Langston Hughes, K’wan Foye, and Sister Souljah to name a few.

4. Why poetry?  Why the particular type?

I love to write poetry because there are really no rules. I can write freely and just be who I am and say what I need to say in just a few short lines or in a ton of long lines if need be. Poetry allows me to not only create, but to create in such a way that I can touch someone deeply by my words that are scrawled along the page. Like with Soul Speech, it is my truth and my experiences uninterrupted.

5. What inspires you to write?

My children and my husband.

6. Are there some works you haven’t shared with others?  Why?

Yes there are because I feel like some of my poetry is really too deep and personal to share with other people.

7. How do you handle the question, “Why don’t you write something serious?”

 I respond with, “I have! Go pick up Love’s Wrong Turns and/or Soul Speech at my website.” Then I hand them a business card with my website listed.

8. What are some of your other interests?

There are many things that interest me: hanging out with my family, reading, singing, and even dancing. I LOVE to dance!

9. What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating your books?

That I could. Once each project was completed and I held the book in my hand, I was still shocked that I’d actually done it.

10. Are you an introverted or extroverted writer?

I’d have to say extroverted.

11. What’s your writing soundtrack? Or do you write in complete silence?

I write to all different kinds of music and by a variety of artists. It’s funny because sometimes the music I choose to write to depends on the character I’m creating. If the character is going to be “gangster” and cold then I’d most likely write to say 50 Cent or even Vybz Kartel. If the character is soft and sweet I’d write to Anita Baker or Stephanie Mills.

12. What is the best and/or worst writing advice you’ve ever received?

The best advice I’ve ever received was, “Write SOMETHING every day. No matter what it is, just WRITE.”

13. Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers?

Go to my website and purchase your copies of Love’s Wrong Turns AND Soul Speech!

Thank you Melody S. for taking the time to speak with us today!  Here are some other places where you can reach Melody S.

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