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I would now like to welcome my dear friend, Kelli Riffle to Black Satin.  Kelli and I have known each other pretty much forever.  Our friendship began back in the day before there even was such a thing as social media and when people actually corresponded through the mail.  Wow!  That is a long time!  So grab a cup of java and enjoy her words of wisdom.  And thanks again, Kelli!


This is my first blog post of any kind. I am also not tech savvy. Seriously, giving me a computer is a lot giving a monkey a loaded gun. Am I qualified to write a blog post here? Probably not, but I am sure I will be told that eventually. I work in the genre of fantasy.  I have had many rejections over the years and heard everything from “we liked your story” to “why are you mixing genres like this?”  C.J. works in Erotica. I can remember when she first told me that and she was kind of embarrassed about what I would say. I was happy for her! There is nothing wrong with Erotica whatsoever. I think she had prepared herself more for “That’s wrong.” or “Why would you do that?”  But no, I was fully supportive and I still am. She knows what she is doing and does it very well.
Why do writers write? It’s pretty simple to me. The answer is “Because we can.” That’s what it boils down to in the grand scheme of things.  I remember when I was in my teens and wrote a few short, short stories for my school’s literary magazine my mother read them. I was afraid of what she would say.  But, she read them all. She handed them back to me and said “I don’t really understand them all, but they are all good.” I didn’t know it at the time, but I was writing very short magic realism stories and most had some kind of “spiritual” or “political” message. She told me to keep writing and writing some more. She understood more than she ever imagined. One of my aunt’s also read my stories when she came in for a visit. She handed them back to me and told me to “keep on writing.” Those two were so supportive of me and my writing. My mom had tears in her eyes when I showed her the magazines I had finally been published in and had my by-line. She got to tell me she was proud of me before it was too late.
Why do you write? We don’t write for the fame and glory and riches, but that would be nice. We write because we have something to say and writing is the only way to say it, regardless of the genre. I can toss genres around and mix them up as I see fit. What I don’t like, I take it out and put it in a new folder of random stuff. NEVER just throw anything you write into the trashcan. Always have journals and notebooks and pens and post-it notes handy. You will need them. We write because we can, be it good bad or just plain ugly. We learn to edit (which I like to see it as “literary tact.”) We get miserable and cranky when we don’t write.
I will be focusing on fantasy and take you through world building in future blog posts and all its annoyances, trials and tribulations. So, hang on for a bumpy ride.


Thanks again, Kelli for taking the time to visit with me and my readers today!

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