Saturday, July 27, 2013

Mini - Musing 7/26/13 ~ Heading for the Finish Line

Before I get into my Musing, I'd like to first announce the two winners of my Back List Giveaway, in association with the Hot Summer Romance Giveaway Hop!  Let's give the winners a hearty congrats!

Jessmartin ~ Winner of a copy of Passions Due
Michelle Willms ~ Winner of a copy of Illusion of Night

Your prizes are on the way!!

Well I'm about three quarters of the way through Tinderbox.  I'm about to write the heated love scene between my characters.  I just have to be certain I tone it down a bit!  If you've been following my FaceBook Page you will know that I have been researching various literary agents I want to try.  Some I've dealt with in the past and they have sterling reputations so I'm looking forward to dealing with them again and hoping to have a very long and prosperous professional relationship!

If any of my fellow authors have an agent I would like to hear from you so I can have some idea of how it is to work with one.  Of course I have to get past the editing first!

Just an note:  I've been having trouble with my Pinterest page.  I haven't been able to add, pin or even sign out!  Now I'm signed out and can't sign in again.  Their tech support is giving me the usual, clear cookies, reset browser idea as if I haven't already tried that. I may end up deleting it if I can't get the problem fixed.

 Have a fab weekend everyone!


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